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"Antara has good scientific and technical writing skills. She is easy to communicate with"- Moha

I am a simple and friendly person who spent most of her childhood in India and traveled to different countries for leisure and education. I am passionate about sustainability and causes to protect the environment.
Professionally, I research, write and create plagiarism-free content. I also conceptualize sustainability concepts. Details about how I got into developing my writing business is narrated in the 'qualifications and experience' section.

My niche is environment and sustainability. I collaborate with companies or individuals adopting sustainable practices, or requiring help with content creation. Some of my services include website content, blog, academic content, content conceptualization, technical write-ups and editing. I am good at maintaining deadlines and familiar with different writing and citation styles.

"Professionally written work. Above and beyond expectations. Definitely recommend her services"- Andrea

Qualifications and experience

My journey

"Great writer!"- Joe

"She knows what she is doing"- Sally

I completed my Bachelor's in Microbiology from Mumbai University in 2009. I had a knack in writing since school and often published articles and contributed to scientific screenplays in schools and college. During my graduation, I began to get drawn to environment and I worked on an environmental microbiology project in my Bachelor's. My interest towards environmental studies grew over time and I decided to pursue my Master's in Environmental discipline. 

I went on to study my M.Sc. in Environment Science from BVIEER, Pune. My thesis topic was about studying carbon sequestration in a lake. During my Master's, I was selected for a fully-funded 6-month student's exchange program in the University of Cologne, Germany. There, I worked with an international research group and received training in SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) model. I participated in selective modules of the IMES (International Master's of Environmental Science) course at UOC and worked with a research team. I also documented education materials and this took to my liking. I enjoyed researching and writing.

My first Master's ended in 2011, after which I volunteered with BNHS (Bombay Natural Society) at its Center for Environment and Education. I was responsible for developing environment education materials for students of different age groups. I also updated the website content of the organization from time to time. As time passed, I had begun applying for a second Master's program to specialize my skill-set.

I went for a taught Master's program in Applied Environmental Science in University College Dublin, Ireland (2013-2014) with some scholarship. My thesis was on studying the impact of mixed vegetation on soil nitrogen levels. As I was writing my thesis, I got opportunities to publish environmental articles online on some webzines and websites. My interest in writing for sustainability grew deep and I continued to write since then. I have published articles online spreading environmental awareness. I also worked with local government authorities as and when possible.

I now have over 9 years of experience in scientific writing and editing. I work with organizations and sustainable companies helping them with their website content, environmental projects or brochures, educating people about their eco-friendly motives.  I also help edit content and technical reports in the environment sector.

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